80 fitted but more amputees are waiting

 Lets keep the dream alive!

Attach A Leg Grenada is a non-profit organization dependent on funding from donors and sponsors. We are now firmly established in Grenada with currently 80 Grenadian amputees with fitted prosthetic legs. A tremendous life changing process that these people at one point and time thought impossible.

Currently there are about 40 more amputees in Grenada who have been evaluated and are in need of prosthetic aid. These persons are either in wheelchairs, hoping and waiting for a possibility to regain 

their freedom of movement and gaining full independence.

The list of amputees is constantly growing as we continuously identify previously unregistered amputees on the island.

Through OK Prosthetics Attach A Leg Grenada has access to the necessary prosthetic components with the material being made available at cost for this non-profit.

This gives us an outstanding cost efficiency where the total cost for one full leg fitting, consultations, covering materials, application process and aftercare:


Actual Cost of BK-USD 1.350.00 for Trans Tibial prosthesis (below knee)

Actual Cost of AK-USD 2.025.00 for Trans Femoral prosthesis (above knee)

If you want to engage and help, us to dramatically improve the lives of Caribbean amputees in need, please click on the link to make a donation.


Any financial support is welcome! Donors enabling one full leg fitting will (if so desired) be listed as a main sponsor of Attach A Leg Grenada on this web page and in other communication from Attach a Leg.


We appreciate help and donations in all forms financial, materialistic and therapeutic support.  

A guide letting you know how your contribution will be applied 

USD $ 50 -  contribution towards running costs, petrol, vehicle                              maintenance, phone calls and administration.

USD $100 - enables an amputee to be visited to receive a consultation                  and supply of silicon sleeve and discussion of how the                        process will occur during the fitting and back on their feet.

USD $200 - enables cost of the silicon sleeve (cost of fundamental                        component).

USD $300 - provides modular components of the leg for a Below knee


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