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150 legs fitted but more amputees are waiting
Help us keep the dream alive!

Since our official founding in 2014 as a non-profit organization  Attach A Leg Grenada has firmly established itself on the island with 150 Grenadian amputees fitted with quality prosthetic legs. A tremendous life changing process that these people at one point in time thought impossible and out of reach.


Our registry of persons in need of our service keeps growing as we continuously identify new cases and previously unregistered amputees on the island hear about us and get in touch.


With the support of one of the leading manufacturing companies of cutting edge prosthetic components in the world, Ossur Inc.  and through Gylfi Hilmisson's history of employment and R&D work with Ossur Inc. Attach A Leg Grenada is able to provide this service with the necessary proprietary components being made available "at cost" exclusively for this our non-profit organization giving us outstanding cost efficiency of cutting edge quality components.

Actual Cost of BK-XCD 3000. 00 for Trans Tibial prosthesis (below knee)

Actual Cost of AK-XCD 4500.00 for Trans Femoral prosthesis (above knee)

If you want to engage and help us to dramatically improve the lives of Caribbean amputees in need, please click on the link below to make a donation via PayPal.

You can also get in touch with us to become involved by sponsoring a specific amputee. Be involved from start to finish.

Share the process, the challenges and the progress of the individual.

For detailed information about amputee sponsorship, email Gylfi at

We can also receive direct wire transfers to our account with the

Grenada co-operative bank Ltd.

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 How your contributions are put to use

USD $50 - 100:

  • Operating costs, transportation/vehicle, communication/phone/internet and general administration.

USD $100 - 200:

  • Enables our in-home visitations. When a person comes out of surgery with an amputation, it is important that we see them as early as possible, introduce ourselves and let them know that a lost limb is not a lost life. They are not alone. Evaluating living arrangements and physical access, make suggestions to add to the success of our help. Show pictures and videos, share stories of fellow Grenadians, how they overcame their same loss and show how they walked again. Explain how the process works, what to expect and what is needed to prepare for living with a prosthetic leg. Evaluate and recommend physical therapy if needed. Giving hope and support. This is extremely valuable to the individual. Being there for them.

USD $200 - 400:

  •  Quite a few of our clients are extremely active and quite a few wear out the components of their prosthesis by "regular" use.          We try to replace and/or repair components either free of charge or at as low a charge as possible. This is our "guarantee". Our prosthetic legs are made to last a minimum of 2 years with "Normal" use. But then we all know that "Normal" is just a setting on a washing machine. We have learnt to expect the unexpected and be prepared to make it right.


USD $400 - 900:

  • This goes towards our biggest expenses. Component and materials to make our prosthesis. Ordered and shipped from Iceland, England, China and USA respectively. Having a minimal inventory is essential to our service. Prosthetic feet come in 7 sizes left and right foot purchased from China. Silicone liner sleeves come in 12 sizes and each size comes in 2 wall thicknesses purchased from Iceland. Carbon fiber braids, pin locks and adapters from Iceland. Polyurethane lamination resin from England. Resin canisters and mixers from USA. Our shipments are exempt from import duties, but we do pay 5% of invoice total in Customs Service Charges and a import broker fee.


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