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From unable to able in 2 hours
We made this 20 minute video of the process

The Components


The silicone liner of the correct size is rolled onto the stump. This results in volume containment and reduced friction between stump and prosthesis. A distal pin locks into the hard socket. The sleeve can be washed using soap and water and will last several years with good care


The hard socket is made directly on the stump over the silicone sleeve. Glass fibers are infused with resin, the balloon is used to give pressure while the resin sets giving a perfectly fitting and extremely durable hard socket.


A lock cements the prosthesis to the stump. Male/female pyramids are used for quick and accurate alignment

With a few simple tools everything is put together to create a perfect fitting prosthesis.


The "Direct Socket" process and components are the brainchild of

Össur Kristinsson.

These components are made available to ALG through a special sponsorship agreement with the Össur Corporation in Iceland.


This method of applying prosthetic sciences, enables the manufacturing of high quality and durable custom fit prosthetic limbs on site at extremely low cost to fit the needs of each individual in a unique and very effective way.

The foot is custom made for prosthetic projects like these and is made up of a carbon fiber blade housed in a durable polyurethane casing. It is completely sealed ensuring long life of service.



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