Thank you for enabling us an independent life again!

Mr Martin Moore

It was a pleasure to help Martin return to his independent lifestyle by providing him with a prothesis. More recently we are hearing that he is now enjoying running and tending to his garden, up a steep slope. Something not possible before!


Mrs Joan Connell

This lovely lady just wants to go fast! After one year her leg was ready for a new prosthesis which, as you can see in the video, she has taken too swiftly.


Mr Pixie Moran

A well known talented soccer player, loosing his leg following an accident of a broken leg that would not heal, Pixie has returned home confidently on two legs today following his prosthetic fitting.


Mr Fabian Greenidge

Fabian's disability is a result of a hideous assault with a cutlass by a deranged neighbor. This crime made national headlines in Grenada and the perpetrator is serving a severe prison sentence.


Gylfi recalls meeting Fabian. "I was driving through the neighborhood of Marion and I see this person jumping down the road on one leg with incredible speed and determination. I stopped, called him over. We introduced ourselves and he told me his story. He had lost his right leg below the knee, his left arm below the elbow as well as the thumb of his right hand. I must say his honesty, spirit and enthusiasm were quite infectious and there was no question."


Gyllfi found a sponsor for him locally and made him a leg pretty much immediately. Fabian is married and the father of two children."I am very proud of his achievements.He took to the prosthesis immediately with ease and now walks about like the champion that he is. He is a dear friend and his success means a lot to us."

Mr James Philbert

James had been waiting about 6-8 months after having his leg amputated to find the resource of Attach A Leg Grenada via the GNCD (Grenada Council for the Disabled). Living in a home for the disabled at the north of the island in Sauteurs, he was eager to be home again in his house and reclaim his independence. We are very happy to announce that James is now happily living in his own house independently in the community

Mr Trevor Allen

A beautiful afternoon in St. Paul. 
Mr. Trevor "Mantis" Allen, the motorcycle mechanic, is an above knee amputee. His short and somewhat fleshy stump is a challenge for all of us. We took the best care we possibly could, making him a prosthetic leg, and documented his first efforts of walking it. Bear in mind, that this is a mere 10 minutes into a process, that will take several weeks of hard work to refine. I am very proud of my friend Mantis, says Gylfi, when watching the video.


Mrs Evelyn Williams

Evelyn Williams can dance now as you will see following her recent fitting of a replacement leg this past month, her old prosthesis no longer fitting comfortably, bearing in mind it was over 10 years old and the latest prosthesis available then. 


Mrs Elrika Antoine

Mrs. Elrika Antoine of Black Bay became aware of Attach A Leg Grenada via the Grenada National Counsel of the Disabled. She was amputated due to complications from Diabetes late 2015, and her wish and ambition was to return to work and continue to support herself. Since her amputation she was confined to a wheelchair.

"Attach a leg has changed my life, I am happy to be able to support myself and to enjoy the freedom of movement again. I thought I would never walk again. Thank you ever so much!"

Thanks to Attach A Leg Grenada and our sponsors, Mrs. Antoine has now returned to her job at the laundry service for the Mount Gay Hospital, as well as resuming her normal daily activities, something she earlier could only dream of. 

Mr Kelly Philip

Kelly came to Attach A leg Grenada badly limping on an old prosthetic leg, that had been made for him by the Chores team some eight or ten years ago.


This old leg was badly worn and ill fitting, giving Kelly considerable pain using it. He could not walk properly. Kelly is a young lad with a job and the results of our new leg for him were quite remarkable. His case is a wonderful success story. Watch the video!

Mr. Samuel Henry

Mr Henry commonly known in the community as "Sarge" was introduced to us by a mutual friend who asked if we could help him. His is another big success story. Sarge had been amputated due to diabetes complications. He is a career policeman and served in law enforcement in Jamaica, Trinidad as well as his home country Grenada.

Gylfi recalls: "Sarge is a big strong older man but he appeared so timid and frail when I made him the leg. Because of his large frame and weight I had to make sure I had a tight fitting socket with as much surface area for support as possible and as a result it was a bit of a squeeze to get the leg on. He was very cautious, unsure and slow taking his first steps relying on his walker and I wasn't sure if this was going to work as well for him as I had hoped." 

A bit later Sarge comes driving up the road by himself in his car grinning and waiving when he sees Gylfi. He gets out of the car grabs his grocery bags and walks around unassisted. It took him a mere 2 weeks to start trusting the prosthesis, getting used to it and regain his mobility. 


"I was blown away. There was little resemblance to the timid and handicapped older man that I had met 2 weeks earlier. I remember Sarge adjusted his gait a bit asking me if I had spare parts for the leg when it started wearing out" Gylfi says and laughs at the memory.

Mr Selwyn Frederick

Six months has passed since Selwyn's amputation in October 2016, and as of Friday he now has two legs again. He was most happy that he was able to receive help from Attach A Leg Grenada and are very grateful to all sponsors and donors making Gylfis work possible.


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