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A dream and a vision

Attach A Leg Grenada was created by Mr. Gylfi Hilmisson in 2014. 


Grenada has a high rate of diabetes per capita. This in combination with insufficient knowledge and limited medical possibilities has resulted in high numbers of amputations. Despite this fact, no prosthetic service for amputees existed on the Island of Grenada until 2013.

When Gylfi settled in Grenada in 2009 he saw this need and with the aim to provide cost-efficient and yet high quality prosthetic limbs and services to amputees, he started Attach A Leg Grenada

The purpose is to create possibilities for people with amputations to regain mobility and improve their quality of life. On an island where a disability friendly infrastructure is more or less non-existing, regained mobility also means increased possibilities to work and support oneself, and thus benefit the individual as well as the society where they exist.

Gylfi is an engineer with more than 15 years of experience working with prosthetic services including research and development stemming from work in different positions at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Ossur Inc. in USA and Iceland.

Gylfi's inspiration much comes from Mr. Össur Kristinsson, the founder of Össur Inc. in Iceland. 


His method of applying prosthetic sciences enables high quality and durable custom fit prosthetic limbs on site at extremely low cost, to fit the needs of each individual in a unique and very effective way.


Mr. Kristinsson's dream and vision of making low-cost affordable prosthetic aid available to amputees in need in under-developed countries. 


Attach A Leg Grenada is one step forward in making this dream come true, and the vision is to expand the service to other islands in the West Indies, which do not yet provide this kind of opportunity. We are a non-profit generating organisation and depend on donors and sponsors for our success.


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